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Monday, June 24, 2013

Steps to file your income tax return online ITR1 made easier - do not pay others, do it yourself

This year, income tax return filing has been made easier with quick e file ITR ( no need to download excel sheet, upload xml, most of the fields are auto populated to ease filing). Just thought of sharing the steps to e file ITR with everyone, please share with as many people as possible to help them file online:

Steps to file income tax return AY 2013-2014:
1.    Login to the website using pan card number as user id and password.
2.    Click on the quick e file return on the left hand side of the page after you log in successfully 
3.    Select ITR form name as ITR1 (this is only if you don’t have any shares/mutual funds or other transaction during the year)
4.    Select the assessment year as “2013-2014”
5.    Select the prefill address details from the given options 
6.    Select “NO” for “Do you want to digitally sign?” (Yes, only if you have purchased digital signature)
7.    You will be taken to fill the details page as shown alongside 
8.    Go through the instructions page once before starting to fill in the details.
9.    Fill in all the details in personal information, income details (from form 16, mostly only two entries), TDS(should be fetched automatically), Taxes paid and verification (bank account details to get the amount credited for tax return), 80G(any charity donation). Make sure you enter the values of currency in integers ( e.g. 11250 and not 11250.00).
10.    Click on submit for final submission, verify all the details before clicking on submit.
11.    Download the ITR acknowledgement and send to Income tax department by normal courier service.
12.    Password to open the ITR is your pan card number followed by date of birth in ddmmyyyy format as abcde1234c01121980

Basic details and boxes:
•    A18 – Others
•    A19 – Tax refundable if expecting refund
•    A20 – Resident
•    A21 – 11 before due date
•    A22 -- No

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quotes on VVS Laxman

"I hope his back's pretty sore for next week as well and he can't play." Ricky Ponting pays a back-handed compliment to Australia's nemesis, VVS Laxman (5 October 2010)

"If you get Dravid, great. If you get Sachin, brilliant. If you get Laxman, it's a miracle." Brett Lee repeats the words of wisdom of his former captain, Steve Waugh (27 Sep 2004)

“Watch him, but don’t try to imitate. Only VVS can play them.” - John Wright to a young batsman

“On his day he could beat even 22 fielders and find the boundary,” - Zaheer Khan

“The greatest innings ever played by an Indian still belongs to him,” remarked Bishan Singh Bedi

'When Laxman bats you just stand at the other end and watch and tell yourself not to get carried away.' - Sachin Tendulkar

 “I just decided I was going to stay there and watch from the non-striker’s end.” - During a 353-run partnership in Australia, Tendulkar (who made 241 in that innings)

 “I enjoyed it from the other end. It was like watching a highlights package.” - Rahul Dravid said of Laxman’s batting during their 376-run partnership in Kolkata which turned a Test match against Australia

“Come and watch this, you will never see the likes of it again.” - Saurav Ganguly

“They dreaded running into this big barrier called Laxman. Our bowlers would talk about avoiding his school in the knockouts fearful of his big scores,” All England Badminton Champion Pullela Gopichand remembers during his school days, of a rival at the fiercely contested inter-school championships in Hyderabad.

“He’s never changed. And if the Indian team’s in trouble, I’ll still search for Laxman to walk out as assurance,” - Pullela Gopichand

"Statutory warning: these stunts have been performed by an expert, please don't try them at home" - Akash Chopra on some of Laxman's shots.

"Jaan boojh ke nahin mara. Hona bol ke mara. Practice kar ne ke liye hona bol ke mara (I did not hit you on purpose. But since this is practice, I had to hit you)." - Laxman to Murali Kartic on the eve of the Ahmedabad Test against Sri Lanka in 2005, after he charged and hit an uncharacteristic drive early on in the nets.

"If Sachin is called the god of cricket, then you, VVS, are the angel we all strive to be." - Murali Kartic

"There is Laxman, so reLAX-MAN" - Vj Subbu after Laxman’s 281 knock

“He [Laxman] rose to the occasion like a backbencher suddenly standing in an important debate and producing a speech so full of gravitas that the government itself took notice.” - Peter Roebuck

“That’s the way I’ve been brought up,” he said. “I have to be nice to people not because I have to be nice, but because that’s the way I am … It’s not wrong to be a nice guy, right?” - Laxman on being nice to everyone.

"VVS draws his own Laxmanrekha!" - Amul

"If Rahul Dravid was ‘The Wall’ of Indian cricket, Sourav Ganguly was the Prince of Kolkata, Sachin Tendulkar - the God of cricket; not a bad way to look at Laxman as not just the Very Very Special, which of course he was, but a bit of a guardian angel, someone who quite remarkably did extremely well in the fourth innings of a Test match." - Rajdeep Sardesai

"Laxman is an all-time great, a legend of the game" - Rajdeep Sardesai

"Laxman proved that you don’t have to behave like a Mike Tyson to deal the killer blow" - Nirmal Shekar on 'The Hindu'

"Think angles- think Laxman" - Gaurav Kalra

'Laxman could potentially play shots on either side of the wicket to any given ball' - Muthiah Muralidharan

'Laxman's cricket is equal perhaps in the sheer viewing pleasure that it offers as Roger Federer's tennis' - Kiran Kumar

"You didn't bowl badly, you just came up against the player who… I think that's the best playing of spin bowling that I have seen." - Ian Chappell to Shane Warne

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why this kolaveri kolavari di TORTURE?

After seeing hundreds of FB updates and even a report in the front page of a TOI paper, I finally managed to watch this Kolaveri song. I’m sorely disappointed. After all that hype maybe I was expecting a catchy tune, some good choreography or something good.

Unfortunately I felt it was a very mediocre song, so i was wondering what the hype was all about.

It seems that it all started by the makers posting some paid news in NDTV and TOI news paper. This created some hype and then everybody checked to find what it was all about…. That took the number of hits up.

Then they started spreading the news that this song has so far got lakhs of hits and daily it is increasing in lakhs.

This created curiosity among people to find what that song is all about and why it has got so many hits and so other people also visiting that page… again it in turn increased the hits. And then again based on the hits they over hyped it and published continuous paid news in the so called news channels and papers.

Frankly speaking…. it is just an over hyped dumb song. Like telling a lie 10 times will not make a lie a true, similarly over hyping a dumb song based on hit count will not make it a master peace.

There are definitely much better songs, but one wonders why the hype over this particular mediocre dumb song? Is it all created just because it’s produced by Rajni’s daughter and has his son-in-law?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A joke called indefinite hunger strike or fast unto death

Whats going on in A.P currently is literal abuse of the power of hunger strike. Greats like Mahatma Gandhi and Potti Sriramulu used Hunger strike as a powerful non-violence method for the cause of Indian Independence.

Now goons like KCR are literally abusing it by using it for divisive and selfish politics. On one side they say that it's a peaceful program and on the other side they create violence and chaos.

They divide people, raise tempers, hamper communal harmony and in the process many people specially young students commit suicides and loose their precious lives. But the fact is not one of these politician dies due to these false fasts.

The sooner they start the fast they are moved to jails and even faster they are moved to intensive care units of top hospitals. They are taken care by top specialist doctors and moved to a/c deluxe suits in hospitals with 5 star facilities. Mean while students bare the brunt of police lathis, burn themselves up and commit suicides. Can anyone bring back those precious lives?

These immoral politicians have biryani and idli sambhar in hospitals in hiding and proclaim themselves to be continuing a pure hunger strike. In the process they complete days and days in fast. They attain their selfish goals holding the nation for ransom and finally break a false fast and emerge as heroes attaining martyrdom.

What a pity and what an abuse of such a pure non violence method. What a shame on our democracy? I believe in karma siddhanta and I'm sure these criminals will some day pay the price for their cruel deeds.